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This week, my guest blogger is Regan Taylor who writes historical romance, everything from hunky cowboys to gallant knights in shining armour.

Today I am so excited! Not only will we start a brand new year this week, but it is also Week 5 of the Awe-Struck Authors Holly Jolly Blog Tour and my visitor is the sensational author, Regan Taylor! 

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How do you manage your writing/reading schedule with all the other activities around the holidays?

This year it’s more managing my reading/writing and dealing with my day job’s demands. I’m pretty organized and fairly disciplined in it. I read on the bus to and from work and these days my commute is about an hour in the morning and almost 2 hours in  the evening given the time I get off work and the “new and improved” Doyle Drive. (The old one worked better for getting me home at a reasonable hour.) So with almost 3 hours a day to read I usually read a book every other day. In the evening I try to write between 500-1000 words and then on the weekends push to 3000 or more words a day. We don’t do a whole lot during the holidays themselves.  One evening we go to dinner and then to what is called The Devonshire house here in Marin – this family has not only decorated their entire house inside and out every year for over two dozen years, they allow people to pass through to see these marvelous holiday scenes which include an Angel room, a Santa room and a train room. Other than that, we celebrate Yule at my house with a quiet ceremony and then I spend Christmas eve and Christmas day with friends of mine.

How about traveling during the holidays: do you go visiting or have you in the past? What has that been like? Have there been any absent family members during the holidays? How has it effected your writing; have you used any of that in your stories?

When my parents were alive I used to visit them on the holidays – or should I say hollerdays.  I guess that tells you what it was like. My writing life is pretty separate from my family life if that makes sense. I’ve never been much for traveling so it’s fine with me just to be with some close friends and enjoy their company.

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  1. Hello Regan and Welcome! Thanks for visiting, I am looking forward to our week together!! Hugs, Regina

  2. Hi Regan,
    How nice to learn a little more about you. It sounds as though you have a wonderful, peaceful holiday, and the Devonshire House sounds really fun to visit. Happy Writing in 2013, and happy reading on the bus.

  3. Welcome Regan!! I find it hard to read during the holidays just because there's so much to do! Happy New Year!!!


    1. Hi Marissa, and thanks for your comment. I'm with you, it's not easy to get much reading done during the holiday rush - and that seems to make it even nicer to get back to it in the new year! One of Regan's books is definitely on my list for January, though. :-) Happy 2013!

  4. Hi Gail, and Happy New Year! Thanks for popping in today :-) I agree, Devonshire House does sound like a great spot to visit! Hugs, Regina

  5. Not sure if I am too late, but I would love to be entered for the gift card.
    With me I seem to get more reading time during January. Not with the holidays but January kind of slows down.



  6. I get more personal reading done the first two weeks of January. Then my 3 classes start at Moody Theological Seminary; back to the text books!