Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Author Laurean Brooks and A Medley of Inspirational Romance

                              Welcome, Author Laurean Brooks!

             It's a joy to welcome author Laurean Brooks to Gina's World of Good for a visit and giveaway this week. Laurie is kicking off my Summer of '17 Blog Tour with a discussion of her book "A Medley of Inspirational Romance". She will be giving away a copy and I will award a $10 Amazon gift card. We look forward to your comments. 

1. How and when did you know you were destined to write?
My fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Mary Brann first inspired me by announcing to the class, “One day, Laurie will be an author.” She must have seen something in me that I didn't see in myself. I was a self-conscious, timid child, but when I read aloud the stories I'd written, the timidity seemed to dissolve. Within a few seconds I would have the class laughing. I still add plenty of humor and wit to my stories. I enjoy making readers laugh, even when the tone is serious.

2. What is A Medley Of Inspirational Romance about?
This book includes four heartwarming romances that portray true-to-life characters who struggle to let go of their pasts through God's healing, and move on to find enduring relationships.

3. Where did you get your inspiration for these stories?
Some came from personal experience. Others came from other people's experiences. The first title, Jonquils In The Snow was inspired by an ice storm that hit our area a few years ago. Most residents were without electricity nine days.

4. Which character in these four stories do you most admire?
I fall in love with all my main characters, but one comes to mind now. Amanda Wilkes in, A Decision Of Trust, is spunky and persistent, no matter what life throws at her. After her playboy husband's body is found in his mangled Porsche with his young secretary's, Amanda has important decisions to make. Especially since her deceased husband gambled away their savings. This story is longer than the other three, so Amanda's character is more developed. I delved into her emotions—got inside her head to show readers her anger and fears, and built on her growing attraction to Attorney Jake Tyler.

5. Which character was your favorite antagonist?
This is a tough decision. I can't decide between these two--the conniving Nelson in Severed Hearts who schemes to get Julie for himself, or jealous secretary Corinne in, A Decision Of Trust, who steals a file to get newcomer Amanda fired.

6. Which character touched you the most out of these four stories?
Rob Canter in Over The Coals. His boisterous, flirtatious personality is an attempt to hide a long-kept secret from even his closest friends. Jill sees more to Rob than meets the eye. Why does he change the subject when she asks about his past? She digs to uncover the truth. Will it destroy their relationship?

About The Author:
Inspirational Romance author Laurean Brooks grew up in Palmersville, Tennessee, a small close-knit community where everybody knew everybody's business and nobody got away with anything. Your parents knew the whole story (usually embellished), before you got home.

A Medley Of Inspirational Romance is available in print or e-book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Smashwords. Also, each story is available separately for download at Smashwords and Amazon.

Laurie, thank you so much for visiting with me this week. I wish you all the best!

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