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Holly Jolly Blog Tour Week 2 - Welcome, Author Ann Tracy Marr!

Blog buddy Ann Tracy Marr writes paranormal Regency romances. She may pretend to be a Christmas bah humbugger,   but if she had $150,000 floating around, she would give the twelve gifts of Christmas as prizes for following this blog tour. (She would keep the ten lords a'leaping for herself.)  Anyone up for French hens?

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What is your favorite holiday food and why?

Hands down, my favorite holiday food is Aunt Peg's fruit salad. She only made it for Thanksgiving, Christmas and sometimes Easter. Dave and I fought over the last spoonful one year. I got the fruit salad and he was awarded the last three pierogis.

Aunt Peg's Fruit Salad

Fill the largest mixing bowl you own with
Sliced bananas
At least one large can chunk pineapple (I like pineapple and put more in) save the juice for the custard
Peeled grapes (unless you are lazy like me and don't peel much; then you halve them)
Mini marshmallows if you remember - it is good without them
Custard (recipe below)

To make the custard, cook in a double boiler until smooth and thick:
1 T. flour, rounded
2 T. butter
¾ cup sugar
2 egg yolks, beaten
2 egg whites, beaten well (yes, do the yolks and the whites separately)
The juice from the canned pineapple
Cool the custard, then add regular Cool Whip to taste

Mix the custard into the fruit. Chill before serving.

You can have any person in history over for your holiday dinner. Who do you invite and what do you talk about?

To balance all the glitter of the Christmas decorations, Marie Antoinette would be an interesting choice, provided she agreed to be frank. This queen of France was more complex than our age paints her: ignored and intimidated by her mother, married to a king whose country hated hers, a victim of prejudice and propaganda. I'd love to gossip with her about Madame du Pompadour, her husband's famous mistress, and other notables of the time. One question to skip is, "Did you say 'let them eat cake'?" That was one of the lies said about her. If Marie is as shallow as history paints her, she would still be entertaining. FYI: My husband wants to invite John Wayne.

Thank you so much for visiting, Ann Tracy and best of luck with your writing!

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  1. Ann, Interesting choice about Marie Antoinette, but I have to go with your husband. John Wayne would have some fascinating stories to tell. Besides, it would be worth it just to hear him say his famous quote from the movie 'McClintock', “I'm not gonna hit you, partner. The hell I'm not!”. What fun!

    1. Dear Sharon, so great to hear from you!!! What a nice comment, thanks so much for stopping in to hear about Ann Tracy's holiday treats. Love doing the HJBT with you :-) Hugs, Gina

  2. Thanks for the recipe!!

    Now that would be even more interesting if Marie and John Wayne were there together! wasn't the term "cake' meant to signify bread back in those days? (so Marie's comment would not have been seen as quite so callus)

    Happy Holiday, Ann and Regina!

  3. Marie's comment about eating cake was a lie spread by someone who didn't like her, kind of like the junk that gets said about politians when they run in an election.

    Happy holidays to all,
    Ann Tracy Marr

  4. Hi Ann Tracy and welcome! It's great to have you back on my blog and wonderful to be celebrating the season by doing the Holly Jolly Blog Tour together! LOVE your recipe!! Hugs, Regina

  5. Hi Christine, thanks so much for popping in and visiting :-) I hope your holidays are all sparkle and shine!! xoxo Hugs, Gina

  6. Thanks for the fruit salad recipe - I'll have to try it. It sounds delicious and enjoyed hearing how you fought over the last bite one year. LOL

  7. Wow! Love the recipe. Thanks. Fruit salad is my oldest son's favorite dish for holidays. I think I could just fix that and he would be happy. My best to you on your writing and have a wonderful holiday.

  8. Ann Tracy-I really like recipe FOR THE FRUIT SALAD.Thanks Gina for having the recipe.REGARDS BEN SMITH

  9. cky15: christmas cookies because this is what we give as gifts to family and friends. All homemade that is the best and enjoy cooking them,

  10. Enjoyed reading the comments. I would like to invite to dinner Martha Stewart and show her I can be as creative as she is!
    I can make a budget, prepare a delicious dinner complete with a beautifully set table.
    I am a better pie baker than she is, I can sew anything, and I can make beautiful items out of junk! She is not the only one with a creative idea. There are thousands of us out here.

  11. ANN TRACY -really enjoyed the comments about Aunt Pegs fruit salad.Actually a book about recipes would be very interesting.Thanks to Regina for having you on her nice blog. REGARDS BEN SMITH!!!!!

  12. That recipe sounds yummy! I'm going to try it!