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Today I am so excited! On Week 3 of the Awe-Struck Authors Holly Jolly Blog Tour, my visitor is the fabulous author, Kelley Heckart! And this week you can find me visiting with the wonderful Sharon Poppen @ Sharon Poppen -<
Welcome, Kelley!
Hi Regina! Thanks for having me on your blog.
Which charity is most deserving of your holiday generosity and why?

The animal shelter. I am a big supporter of helping homeless dogs and cats because animals have no control over what happens to them. It’s heartbreaking to think of all the dogs and cats that are in shelters instead of a loving home.  
What is your favorite holiday tradition in literature?
I don’t read many books that are holiday themed so this is a difficult question for me to answer, but I do like the appearance of ghosts in A Christmas Carol. I wasn’t sure if that was a tradition so I did some research and found that in some European countries part of the traditional beliefs are the return of ghosts on Christmas Eve. In Brittany it is customary to leave food out for the family ghosts while the family attends church. This may be because Christmas is a time when people think of those no longer present at the feast. To me Christmas is a time for celebration and reflection so it makes sense to also acknowledge those that have passed on. 
Thanks for visiting, Kelley, and best of luck with your writing!
Kelley Heckart writes historical fantasy romances set in ancient on up to early medieval time periods. Her stories reflect her passion for history, storytelling and the supernatural. Inspired by the ancient Celts, her tales are filled with fierce warriors, bold women, otherworldly creatures, magic, conflict and romance. Kelley can be found online at
Her latest release, Daughter of Night, is set in ancient Greece where two mortals are caught in the midst of the battle between the Titans and Olympian gods. Also, all three books in her Dark Goddess trilogy are now available in print, Kindle & Nook. Set in Dark Age Scotland, an Irish clan is tormented by a vengeful goddess and their only escape is to break an ancient faery curse. Buy links for all of Kelley’s books can be found here: <> 


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This week you can find me visiting with the wonderful Sharon Poppen @ Sharon Poppen -<


  1. Hi Kelley and thanks so much for visiting this week! I love the themes in your books and the Celtic flavor is enthralling. Looking forward to reading "Daughter of the Night".

    We're going to have a fun week!

    Hugs, Regina

    1. Hi Regina,

      Thank you for having me on your blog this week. It's been hectic as I get ready for Christmas. Yesterday I melted chocolate and made chocolate covered pretzels for friends and family. I know I can just buy some, but it's more fun to put in the effort and make them myself.

      Merry Christmas!

    2. Yum! Sounds wonderful :-) and very thoughtful, too. Like you, it has seemed very hectic getting ready for Christmas this year to me, as well. It's exciting - we are going to see Celtic Sojourn this week. It's the 10 anniversary show but the first time for all of us lol. Hugs, Gina

  2. Great interview. :)

    Wyndy Callahan

    1. Thanks, Wyndy, so nice to meet you! What a pretty name :-) Kelley is a wonderful author and a great person. Merry Christmas! Hugs, Regina

  3. Congratulations on your writing, Kelly. I'm a fan of A Christmas Carol too.

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    2. HI Gail, and thank you for visiting! Isn't Kelley wonderful :-) Merry Christmas. Hugs! (I had a typo in the first comment)

  4. It was interesting to read about the custom of leaving food for family ghosts on Christmas Eve. Always learning something new when I read your books. I really enjoyed your answers to the questions.

    1. Hi Sharon and thanks for visiting! It is a fascinating tradition and I never realized how widespread the ghost theme is around Christmas until Kelley pointed it out. Merry Christmas!

  5. Yes--so many cultures instill a visit to the graves of family members who have passed, often taking food and libation along. It is a good way to demonstrate respect for those who have passed and on whose shoulders we stand. Brings us all closer.

    Animal concerns never have enough resources. Good choice in charitable giving indeed.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours...

  6. Hi Christine and thank you so much for visiting :-) What an insightful comment (as always), you make such a good point about visiting the cemetery. It brings such solace. And I agree, lets always keep our beloved animal friends in our hearts and on our "to care for" lists!
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you as well :-) Hugs!!!

  7. Glad I came to this site. I am always looking for new authors to read. I have added your name to my TBR list

    1. HI Joye and thanks for visiting. It's nice to meet you. Let me know what you think after you finish reading - enjoy! Merry Christmas, Regina