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Welcome, Inspirational Author Gail Pallotta!


It is a real pleasure to welcome inspirational author Gail Pallotta to "Gina's World of Good" this week.Gail's accomplishments include being a finalist in the Grace Awards and finishing fourth in the Preditors and Editors Poll. Not only is Gail a wonderful friend and fantastic writer, but she is also a very special colleague who always encourages other writers to go after their dreams.Gail grew up in the beautiful foothills of the North Carolina mountains. Leave a comment to be eligible to win an ecopy of her newest book "Barely Above Water".

Welcome to my blog, Gail. What is your newest book about?
My latest novel is Barely Above Water. In it an illness strikes Suzie Morris, and her boyfriend dumps her. She has no living family, and her physician can’t diagnose the malady. Relying on her Christian faith, she turns to an alternative doctor in Destin, Florida, and takes the only job she can find—a swim team coach for a fun, and sometimes comical, rag-tag team. Her handsome boss renews her belief in love, but learns of her affliction and cuts romantic ties. Later he has regrets, but can he regain Suzie’s trust?
Where did you get your inspiration for this novel?
The heroine has Chronic Lyme Disease, and I do too. By way of the grapevine others learned of my malady. Talking with or emailing them motivated me to write a book about this mysterious, little-understood illness. However, I wanted the book to be fun to read, so I included a fictitious sweet romance and the kids’ swim team.

What kind of research did you do for this book?
Even though I have personal experience with the disease, I consulted my alternative doctor, David G. Lee, D.C., Ph.D., C.AD, and one of his associates Raphael d’Angelo, M.D.
Did you put real experiences from your research in this story?
Oh yes. The symptoms and treatments are real. Also, Dr. Lee and Dr. d’Angelo explain more about the malady in a non-fiction section in the back of the book. Pest experts predict a bad year for ticks and Lyme disease. Caught in time, the illness can be a non-event, but left untreated as mine was, it can be a disaster. The book contains valuable information for all who will be outdoors this summer.
What intrigues you most about writing these stories?
The way the characters and plots change and grow as I write. I usually have loose outlines, but as my characters become strong personalities, they don’t necessarily agree with what I have planned.

Tell us a bit about your other books.

Stopped Cold, a teen novel, read by adults as well as youngsters, is a 2013 Grace Award Finalist that finished fourth in the Preditors and Editors 16th Annual Readers’ Poll.
In the story Margaret McWhorter enjoys her Freshman year in high school—until that day. Her brother, Sean, suffers a stroke from taking a steroid. Margaret’s angry at Dad for pushing Sean to be a great quarterback, but hatred burns inside her to make the criminals pay. Margaret and her friends, Jimmy and Emily, explore a drug-filled, sub-culture to find them. While Margaret yearns to cure Sean and heal the hate, she sees Jimmy in a new light.

Mountain of Love and Danger is book five in the Fairwilde Reflections Series. A writing friend suggested five of us write a retold fairy tale, and I chose Jack and the Beanstalk.

Jack Greenthumb finds romance in Fairwilde Kingdom—a different day—a different girl. Then a cruel mystery begins. Dad’s beaten, the family farm destroyed and Jack’s true love, Gwenie, kidnapped. Jack must not only save the estate, but also scale a treacherous mountain, rescue Gwenie from the huge man holding her captive and bring her to safety.
Breaking Barriers is part of Prism Book Group’s Love Is...Series based on I Corinthians 13: 4 - 8. My portion is “It (love) is not easily angered.” When I heard of the series, I wanted to be part of it and feel honored and humbled that I am.

In the novella, Ann Jones forms True Light Guardians to keep her faith safe from the terrorists threatening it. She’s attacked and rescued by James Crawford. The love inside him seeps into her heart, cold from her father’s abuse. But she narrowly escapes more attempts on her life. Can they save the church and find true love?
Messages: Poems and Short Stories to Live By is a collection of poems and short stories written over a number of years.

The poems are straight-forward and inspirational. The three short stories are different genres. Getting the Goat is historical. It peeks into the early 1900's when mountain life was tough. In a sweet Southern story, Stitches in Love, Rose's deep love for her grandmother motivates others to share their gifts. Robert Horner is tempted in the paranormal tale, The Stranger, but does he succumb to the lure?

Which of all your characters is your favorite?
I like them all for different reasons. Suzie, from Barely Above Water, for her faith in the face of a mysterious illness; Margaret in Stopped Cold for her persistence and love of family; and Ann in Breaking Barriers because of her courage and devotion to her faith.

How did you get started in this genre?
I’d always wanted to write books. I read that romance was a popular category, and of course, why wouldn’t it be? It’s such an important part of our lives. I wrote a love story that didn’t succeed, but an editor with the publishing company gave me tips and guidance for the romance genre. Then I joined American Christian Fiction Writers and found a writing partner as well as a critique group. I also attended several writers’ conferences and workshops.

When you have time to read, who are some of your favorite authors?
James Scott Bell, Nancy Mehl and Loree Lough.

Let’s get personal for a moment: Please share with us the most daring thing you’ve ever done.
Probably leave a small town and move to a large city by myself with little money and no job.

Favorite meal?
That’s really hard. I love to eat. Let me think. I especially enjoy fried fish at the beach. That’s a double wow, because I get great food and a shore.

City you would love to visit and why?
I’d go to Honolulu, Hawaii, because I love tropical places. Thanks for having me!

To learn more about Gail Pallotta, visit her website at You’ll find all her books at this site.

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Gail, thank you so much for visiting “Gina’s World of Good”. I wish you many sales!!

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    1. Welcome, Gail and thank you so much for visiting this week. I am looking forward to learning more about you and your writing!

  2. Barely Above Water sounds like a great read! Congrats on your release, Gail!

    1. Hi Darcy, Thank you for coming by to read about Barely Above Water.

  3. Great interview! All your books sound amazing, but I'm especially intrigued by the retake on Jack and the Beanstalk. Will check it out soon!

    1. Hi Paige, Thank you! I hope you will enjoy Mountain of Love and Danger. It was fun to write.

    2. @EmilyPaigeSkeen, I've read it and loved it! It's such fun! Highly recommended. :)

  4. Gail,
    Congrats on your release! It sounds wonderful. We went to Destin last month for a vacation. It was our first time there. Great interview! I'm glad you shared some of your other books.

    1. Hi Diane, Thanks for coming by to read about Barely Above Water and my other books. I'm so glad you spent some time in Destin. We always enjoy it. It's so pretty and relaxing.

    2. It really is a small world, right? Thanks for visiting, Diane!

  5. Gail, I love the cover of all your books bur especially "Barely Above Water". Could you tell us about that process, please?

  6. Hi Gina, Yes, I can say I love the cover too. Joan Bauer Alley created it, and I think she did a fantastic job. The main thing I wanted on the cover was lots of water. Joan sent a few she designed for me to see, and we both liked this one the best!

    1. It's beautiful and it makes me want to dive right into the story!

  7. Hi Gail- your story sounds like a great read. As I live near Destin, it's right up my alley. Enjoyed learning about your journey.

  8. Hi Jillian, Thanks for coming by to read about Barely above Water and my journey. How wonderful that you live near Destin. We love to visit there.

  9. Hi Gail,

    Sorry taking so long to come over. Love how you conceive your plots and address such personal issues. Great idea, too, to write about Lyme disease, which inform many readers.

    Since you love Destin, no surprise that you chose that area for your setting. LOL

  10. Hi Miss Mae, Thank you for coming by! I do hope with all my heart that the book about Lyme disease will be helpful to those who need it. You're right. (: We do love Destin, and I thought it made a great setting for a romance.

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  11. Interesting story. As a nurse and Swim Mom I'll have to read it.

  12. Hi Marianne,

    Thanks so much for stopping by. I believe as a nurse and Swim Mom, you will definitely relate to this book. The children on the team are lots of fun and the therapies helpful.

  13. So, everyone - Gail had a drawing and the winner of her ebook is Jillian Chantal. Congratulations, Jillian!

    Thanks you to everyone who visited this week. Be sure to check out our authors next week, July 16-24 -- Sadie and Sophie Cuffee - they are awesome!!

    Thank you again, Gail Pallotta - you are a wonderful writer and a great friend.

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  14. Hi Gail and Gina. Looks like good book.....Lyme disease a real issue nowadays...cheers!!!!!