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Welcome, Author Larry Hammersley!

                                  A Man of Both Science and Letters...                                                           Larry Hammersley

As we continue our Summer of '17 Blog Tour, I am delighted to welcome author Larry Hammersley. He grew up in Williams, Indiana, and is the author of numerous books (there are so many it's hard to keep track! But I know there are at least 8!). Here are a few covers:

In addition, he enjoyed a long and successful career as a professional chemist for many years. Let's let him tell you about himself and then get to our discussion:

"I graduated from Purdue in January 1961 with a Bachelor of Science in chemistry and from IU in January 1975 with a Master of Science in chemistry.  I worked as a civil service chemist at the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Crane, IN, for forty years, the first twenty years analyzing explosives and the second twenty years analyzing missile battery components.
I was born in Alexandria, IN, May 6, 1938 and we moved to Williams, IN in 1942 when grandpa Hammersley died.  Sue and I were married on December 29, 1962 and had three children: Tisha, Eric and Lisa.    We have three granddaughters and four grandsons. One of our grandsons, Townes, age nine, lives with us."

Fascinating! Thank you, Larry.

And now to our discussion. Remember, leave a comment with your email address and you will be eligible to win a book from Larry and a $10 Amazon gift card from me. Now to Larry!!

Welcome to my blog, Larry. What is your newest book about?
The Vanishing Shed follows Buddy Wilson throughout his life. At an early age he sees a shed on the horizon but no one else can see it. It vanishes as he walks toward it. The older he gets the closer he can get to the shed before it winks out. As he lives out his life, the shed continually haunts him. He falls in love with Nina during college and they are finally married. At the point of death Buddy can finally enter the shed to learn its meaning.
Where did you get your inspiration for this novel/book/work?
As a child I saw a dark square on the horizon from my childhood home backyard. Also I had a crush on an older girl early on and my college studies in chemistry plays a dominant part.
What kind of research did you do for this book?
My childhood home setting and the days I studied for my BS degree in chemistry at Purdue made the storyline a given.
Did you put real experiences from your research in this story?
Yes, not the romance, but the difficulties I had in my pursuit of a degree in chemistry, my interface with professors and course work many of which contained truth.
What intrigues you most about writing these stories?
I am guilty of living in the past so my attraction for this type story allows me to relive my past times in college.

Tell us a bit about your other books.
I have two science fiction novels out that have excitement in our solar system and beyond. Clean romance occurs in one and a man is reunited with his missing wife and daughter in the other. My first novel was a sweet romance story, A Change of Heart, also centered in a college and work place setting. I have numerous short stories at various places on the internet, all sweet romance stories, many of which are college based.
Which of all your characters is your favorite?
That is tough to center on just one character. I must pick Buddy and Nina in the shed novel in this interview.

How did you get started in this genre?
I started reading and later writing science fiction. Since most of the SF stories included romance I naturally moved into strictly romance as well.

When you have time to read, who are some of your favorite authors?
Early on I read Isaac Asimov. Later I enjoyed Doris Piserchia’s novels. She is still living in her late eighties but doesn’t write anymore. The both wrote science fiction.
Let’s get personal for a moment: Please share with us the most daring thing you’ve ever done.
Favorite meal? City you would love to visit and why?
I suppose exploring some dangerous and unexplored caves in Lawrence and Martin County near where I live. This was when I was in early teens to early twenties.

Favorite Meal: I love Tapioca Pudding and despite that being a dessert when I make a batch it is for six people but I make a meal out of it and eat it all.

City to visit. I would like to return to Nome, Alaska where I was sent on my job a long time ago. I was there in an October, it was rainy but the charisma of Alaska affected me deeply. I would like to take a trip down the Rhine River in Germany. I saw a tape in my German class at Purdue of barges floating down this beautiful river.

Thank you so much, Larry, just fascinating!
To learn more about this author, visit his website at Also at Amazon by typing in my name in the search bar of Amazon. You’ll find all their books at this site.

Higher Mission at
A Change of Heart at
The Silver Dart and The Vanishing Shed at Publishing by Rebecca J. Vickery until they close their doors in the next few months.
A number of short stories are available at Smashwords, Wild Rose Press, and Amazon by typing in my name in the search box.
The Shunammite Woman, an Old Testament character, part fiction/part nonfiction self-published via Create Space and on Amazon.
Thank you so much for visiting “Gina’s World of Good”! Please visit again soon.
I wish you many sales!!

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  1. Hi Larry and Regina,

    Thanks so much for having Larry on today. I've read many of Larry's books and appreciate seeing romance through a male perspective. :) This book about the vanishing shed sounds exciting! Congrats, Larry, on your newest publication!

    1. Thanks, Miss Mae. This novel has seen many battle scars over several years. A reputable agent in her rejection letter actually wrote a handwritten note saying I was on the right track.

    2. Thank you so much, Miss Mae!

  2. Interesting to read a little about Larry. I didn't know he had several novels. I also grew up in Williams and Larry and I are distantly related. My grandma was a Hammersley

  3. runnerslow: Thanks for coming over and your interest in reading about me and my novels. Is that you, Rachel? If so then if you don't win a freebie from me during the interview, let me know if any of my novels are interesting to you and I'll bring along a copy to the next magseven racing series.

  4. Hi Gail: I received your email. Laurie wasn't able to post here. Did you have trouble? I believe you have read my novel and posted a review, is that right? If not do you want in the drawing? You asked about the caves I explored. One cave I called "spider cave" had a bunch of spiders on the ceiling near the entrance enjoying the coolness of the cave during the summer time. I did a low crawl going in. There was a stream of water running far below in a crevasse and I made sure I didn't go in the cave if the weather was headed for rain.

  5. Hi Laurie: I count you as coming over since you tried to post and will include you in the drawing. I remember you prefer print books and so good luck. Tapioca Pudding sure is labor intensive but worth it. thanks for coming and checking the interview. I appreciate your continued support. I'm sending you a separate email too.

  6. Hi Larry, I did have trouble posting. Yes, I've read and enjoyed the book, especially the fresh perspective. Thanks for the answer about the cave. Eeeww, spiders. So glad they stayed where they were. LOL. Your books are so interesting I wish you success with them!

  7. Gail: They were granddaddy long legs but spiders nonetheless. Thanks always for your continued support, reading the shed novel, giving me a nice review and kind remarks always.

  8. Great interview. I really like the cover of The Shed. Well done.

    1. Danielle: I replied via facebook but will here too. I appreciate you coming by and it was my pleasure meeting you at that signing in Paducah. I still play your youtube on the Privateer now and then.

  9. Danielle: thanks so much for coming over. Also the tweet is great that you are doing that too. I still play your Privateer youtube now and then. I have a new computer but my partial youbut didn't make it over from the old computer. Keep in touch and i'll enter you in the drawing. The redhead on the cover is my Josh from Rebecca's company did the cover.

  10. Wow! You are living a fascinating life, Larry. I'm in awe! I would love to read this book. It sounds very intriguing! Do you like your tapioca pudding plain? :)

    1. My receipt for Tapioca Pudding comes from the Minute box where I separate the egg white from the yoke. Wow, it is very labor intensive, all that stirring. I have a receipt book and have only tried one other from it. You will be in the drawing.

  11. Larry it is great to have you visit! I'm looking forward to a wonderful and informative time together. Can't wait to hear questions and comments from readers. :-)

    1. Gina: I'm having to use my wife's computer as mine was infected with a vicious virus and is in the shop. That is why I've not been prompt on replying. I have had several comments on facebook and sold one copy and will sell another copy locally.

  12. Hi friends, Laurie had trouble posting, so she forwarded her comment to me. Here it what she said:

    "Larry and Regina, this was a fascinating interview. Larry, the concept of a "Vanishing Shed" spurs all kinds of imaginations. I WANT to read this book!

    I've read several of Larry's books. He is gifted to write visually, with vivid description, and his characters are interesting and real. I have never been disappointed by any of his stories.

    Larry, you really should share the tapioca pudding. My mouth is watering just thinking about it."

  13. Thanks to Laurie, I've been introduced to an author new to me. I can't wait to find a copy of The Shunammite Woman. It looks wonderful.

  14. Brownie Jones: Thanks for dropping by. The Shunammite Woman was self published via Create Space and can be found on Amazon by typing in my name Larry Hammersley in the search bar. I wanted to write about this wonderful Old Testament woman for a long time. It is part fiction and the nonfiction part holds to 2 Kings 4 and 2 Kings 8.

  15. Nice interview, Larry. And congratulations on the beautiful new book and cover. Sounds interesting, too! I hope you sell loads of books!

    1. Hi Linore: Thank you for dropping into the interview. Yes, they did a fine job on the cover. The redhead I purchased from and Josh Shinn did his magic on constructing the cover with the shed. I've reaped good comments from readers.

  16. Thank you, Larry for a wonderful visit. Readers, you were fantastic - we will be announcing the giveaways soon. Thank you all so much for visiting!

  17. Thank you, Gina for the interview and neat listing you gave me on my covers. I will go to random number generator and enter the names of those who commented. I will email you the results at your address.

  18. Thanks so much, Larry, it was a delight to have you here this week!

    Now, readers, here are the results of Larry's drawing: Miss Mae and Laurie Brooks each won a copy of his print book, and Cindy won the $10 Amazon gift card that I contributed.

    Thank you, everyone. Make sure to visit Julien Ayotte, this week's guest. He is an award-winning mystery writer!

    Come back and visit soon!