Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Now Available! PRAISE of the HEART, Book 3: The Sterling Lakes Series

So happy to let you know that the 3rd book in my Inspirational Romance series, The Sterling Lakes Series, is now available at Writer's-Exchange Publishing.

PRAISE of the HEART finds pro baseball player Cliff Markham coming home to help with the fundraising efforts for the renovations at St. Luke's Church. However, his home town of Sterling Lakes is not as idyllic as he remembers. The town librarian Laura Matthewson is key in helping him research the problems with the town's water source. Will she assist him in his efforts to unearth the truth? Or does she have secrets of her own to hide?

Here's a review of Sterling Lakes Book 2, ANGELS of the HEART:

5.0 out of 5 stars A Great Christian Book!June 23, 2013
Regina Andrews hooked me instantly into her Sterling Lakes Book Two: Angels of the Heart. From the first page, I felt like I was on the studio set of WMAS with Maryanne Lynch, a television journalist. Although Maryanne is engaged to Elwood, a wonderful man, she's eager to talk with an old high school friend, Travis Collimore, when he comes to the studio. As a developer, he tells Maryanne how the Townsend Barn will be destroyed when they do renovations of St. Luke's Church. Maryanne hasn't seen Travis for years, so she goes to Sterling Lakes Diner to continue their conversation and to catch up. She's happy to see him but isn't pleased that his consortium group have plans to destroy the old barn along with its rare angel weather vane.

She's surprised that while speaking with Travis in the diner she starts feeling warm. Why is Travis having this effect on her after all these years? Maryanne is a feisty and amazing woman. She decides to save the barn from being torn down, even though her fiancé, Elwood, disagrees with her. Her determination and compassion is what draws the town's people to her goal of saving something that is more than a barn to everyone. It seems to represent the spirit of the people. It's heartwarming how they come together as a unit to save what is important to their community. The barn is symbolic especially to Maryanne. She has happy memories of playing with her brother Mark in the barn before he died at age six. Losing the barn would be devastating to Maryanne because her childhood is tied with her precious times there.

Maryanne's caring for others doesn't stop at her TV studio. She reaches out to a pregnant teenager, Crystal, who needs her assistance. Travis is also a multidimensional character with his charity work being a priority in his life. He flies a helicopter for the Angel Flight Program and delivers transplant patients to the hospitals where the organs are available.

The way that Andrews weaved the story of Maryanne and Travis is touching, sweet, and even humorous at times. Reading how each character approaches their spiritual growth as Christians was uplifting to me. As I read this book, I felt like the author's words poured from her heart as a Christian. Regina Andrews has created an inspirational romance readers will root for, and I highly recommend this book.

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