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New Release from Linda Weaver Clarke: A Light at the End of the Tunnel

Amidst Trials, is there a Light at the end of the Tunnel?

All of us have challenges in our lives and we feel so alone. We sometimes wonder if we are the only ones who are experiencing difficulties. Have you ever felt that each trial you have endured was so difficult that you wondered where the “light at the end of the tunnel” was? Many times we try to solve our own problems and don’t bother talking to anyone or asking for help.

“No matter our circumstances, no matter our challenges or trials, there is something in each day to embrace and cherish. There is something in each day that can bring gratitude and joy if only we will see and appreciate it.” ~ Dieter F. Uchtdorf

This was Hannah’s attitude as she tried to search for the “light at the end of the tunnel.” How many times do we search for that light, wondering where it is and hoping that the trials in life will soon end? Is God watching over us? Is He there when we need some comfort? In our darkest moment, does Jesus Christ know how we feel? I believe He does.

Set in 1844, The Light at the End of the Tunnel is a historical romance. Book Reviewer and Author Gail Pallotta wrote: “This romance wrapped around my heart as it took me into the struggles of Hannah, such a brave woman. The characters come to life on the page as Thomas falls for Hannah. However, Hannah is caught up in her day-to-day trials, and with her independent streak she only thinks of making a life for her and her daughter. Can Thomas get her attention and change her mind?”

After coming to America and enduring several challenges and trials, Hannah realizes she can make something of her life by opening a hot chocolate shop. She soon finds that starting her own business isn’t as easy as she thought.

When Thomas finds out that Hannah's shop is struggling, he comes to the rescue with a clever plan. Will she agree to such an unconventional idea? Can he convince her to find room in her heart for one more person?

I enjoyed this sweet historical romance very much.  This story shows the western spirit of adventure in a young widow who has faced many hardships to come to this point.  This is a Christian book and a very engaging and enjoyable read. You will enjoy this heartwarming story of a strong woman forging a new life.” Sunnie Reviews



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Author Linda Weaver Clarke: Chat and Giveaway!

It is a joy to welcome author Linda Weaver Clark to 'Gina's World of Good.' Linda has written 32 books and she is working on new ones right now. This remarkable author visits today to chat about her motto in life, 'Never too late to dream', and her Willow Valley Series of historical mystery romances. Linda has generously offered to give away an ebook of One Last Dance as a gift to everyone who comments. 

Talking About Willow Valley

Never Too Late To Dream

I believe it’s never too late to accomplish one’s dreams. Some people have a bucket list that has daring things to do or something they longed to do for years. It is never too late and you are never too old to do something you have longed to do. 

After raising six daughters and believing it is never too late to dream, I decided to go back to college. It was a scary thing to do and I don’t know why I was so worried. At the age of 50, I graduated from college with a Theatre and Arts Degree. After that, I performed for a concert series. It was unbelievably fun and enjoyable until I got reflux and lost my voice. Feeling discouraged, I didn’t know what to do with my life. But . . . when one door is closed, God opens another door for you to walk through. And that was exactly what He did for me. 

An interest in writing engulfed me. So I went to the library and studied every book available about writing. I wanted to write family friendly stories for all ages. So I sat down and wrote a few books until I was brave enough to send one to a publisher. At the age of 56, I became a published author and won an award for my first book, which surprised and delighted me. After writing five historical romances, I wrote 12 cozy mysteries and then wrote three swashbuckling romances. Since I was a fan of Robin Hood, Zorro, and the Scarlet Pimpernel, I couldn’t help it. I even wrote some non-fiction and a children’s book. Being an author has been an interesting path to travel. The most recent series that I just completed is a historical mystery romance series set in the 1830s. It is called A Willow Valley Historical Romance. Each romance has a mystery to solve. 

One Last Dance is the first book in this series, which will keep you guessing until the end of the book. When Felicity meets their charming new neighbor, she soon discovers that he is hiding his true identity. Nicholas Adams is on a quest. When she finds out that someone is after a valuable heirloom, a precious treasure found in her attic, her life takes a new turn. 

“This book has my favorite genres: historical, romance and mystery. Although I enjoyed the romance, what I liked most was the mystery. Intrigue and suspense kept me hooked and I loved the air of mystery behind a few of the characters. It kept me guessing to the end, and of course it had a sweet, happy ending. This is one of my favorite books by Linda Weaver Clarke.” –Inishowen Cailin, Book Reviewer 

Angel’s Serenade is the second book in this series. Each day as Emmeline practices the piano, she doesn’t know the new doctor in town secretly sits on his porch to listen to her music. As Emmeline gets to know the charming doctor, they become intrigued by her neighbor’s mysterious behavior. Will they discover his secret? And who is the leader of the River Pirates, who is causing so much havoc? 

“Clarke has created a sweet romance that will warm the heart, and it’s wrapped up in fascinating yesteryear details of courting, medical practice and river pirates. I highly recommend the book to those who enjoy sweet romance with a bit of mystery.” –Author Gail Pallotta 

In A Pleasant Rivalry, Angelica is surprised when she finds out that an old school chum has returned to Willow Valley. Since she writes articles for the Chronicle and Simon owns the Willow Valley News, they just happen to be rivals. The competition is on. Who will be the first to discover the identity of the jewel thief or the arsonist? To her surprise, Angelica realizes she is losing her heart to her rival.

“I loved this book! It was a great historical read and full of surprises. I totally didn't expect what happened… to happen. The time period was an interesting one and I love how the author intertwines historical events into the story. It was a new and refreshing tale.” –Sunnie Reviews Book 

Holidays in Willow Valley is full of surprises. This book is a collection of six holiday stories, something that I hadn’t done before. What were the holidays like at Willow Valley in 1840? While writing this book, I learned to appreciate our holidays. 

“This book contains six short stories of different holidays celebrated in the 1840 time period. These are enjoyable stories to read any time of year, not just in holiday times. The characters and the book carry Christian values, which I love. These are very entertaining stories!” --Sunnie Reviews Book 

I soon realized that writing short stories was a pleasure and quite fun. So I decided to try it once again. So I wrote the fifth and last book in this series called Tales of Willow Valley. It is a collection of five “Love Stories.” 

“If you are in the mood for some sweet, clean, historical, romantic short stories then look no further. I enjoyed each story and how the women are not sitting back waiting on a man, but are take-charge women that start their own businesses, aren’t afraid to face ruffians, and encourage women to fight for their rights. It is amazing what you can learn when an author does research into events in the past to make sure their works are as authentic as possible.” –Story Book Reviews 

As of today, I am the author of 32 books and 28 Audible audiobooks. 

You can order any of my books from Amazon and Audible Audiobooks at my websites below. 

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Monday, November 30, 2020

Welcome, Author Larry Hammersley!


                                Author Larry Hammersley

What a joy to welcome Larry to the "World"! Larry has graciously offered to gift two

versions of "Saving Clay" to selected visitors to this blog visit. Thank you, Larry!

A bit about the author:

Larry has been married to Sue "coming up on 58 years on December 29" 

and has eight grandchildren.  Congratulations!!!

*He has a BS in chemistry from Purdue, and MS in chemistry from Indiana 

University.  He enjoys writing science fiction and clean romance.  

*He has several short stories at Amazon, Smashwords, and Wild Rose Press.

*He enjoys writing, amateur radio, woodworking, building musical jewelry 
boxes,  walking for exercise, and is active in the local Oolitic, Indiana Church of Christ.       

Here's a look at some of Larry's wonderful books


Saving Clay  

Saving Clay is a long novel and required lots of research into

foreign lands and the parts of shrubs that have flowers, leaves,

etc. that could be used for medicinal purposes.  Clay’s education

is a college degree in biochemistry which enables him to recover

the natural chemicals.

Julianne has a degree in international relations and becomes

an ambassador at largebringing peace world-wide.  Her and

Clay meet at a young age when Julianne saves Clay’s life.  The

old prophetess, Lana, tells Julianne when and where to be to

save Clay. Clay’s trips to Alaska, Australia, Pakistan and

Nikumaroro Island are detailed where he heals people.  Because

Clay and Julianne travel world-wide they cannot be together

very often.  Julianne becomes a target for an arms dealer

and his terrorists because of her success at bringing peace.

Clay’s final trip is to Nikumaroro where a storm sweeps

the island and everyone but Clay escapes.  He is stranded

there with little hope of being rescued.  Will he ever

see Julianne again?


Buck's Wake Up Call


Buck thought he had a special relationship with Carrie in high

school.  She cared not for anyone else in school but for Buck.  She

graduated a year before Buck and moved away.  It seemed their

bond was strong when she gave him her prized possessions.  When

Buck located her out east after she quit writing, she was engaged

to someone else.

Sally had been in love with Buck all through grade and high

school.  Buck tried to convince Sally he was over Carrie.  She

was only partly in belief of that.  When she was accepted at

the University of Rhode Island for her writing skills a young

English professor won her heart.

Buck thought it was just as well because he had a strict advisor,

Dr. Bancroft, at Purdue for his chemistry degree and he expected

all his chemistry majors to make an A in each of their chemistry

classes and a B in non-chemistry courses.  Buck  had to

concentrate.  He graduated and his advisor suggested he be

interviewed by Eve, a former student of his.  She had started her

own company analyzing minerals.  Eve hired Buck.

Buck initially fought not to judge Eve’s looks as a “Plain Jane”.  He

soon changed his mind and found beneath her exterior a

beautiful woman not only in looks but character as well.  Buck

not only enjoyed working for Eve and analyzing mineral samples

but recognized she was sincere in what she said and done.  She

could be depended upon, trustworthy and Buck fell for her. 

Higher Mission: Excerpt

The big tire of the rover startled him as it ground to a halt beside him.

Cramer felt a moment of relief until he turned to face a blaster leveled

at his mid-section. The helmeted figure of the pirate motioned

ngrily for him to get into their rover. Cramer didn’t have to be told

twice. The blaster could kill with its high energy beam and it would

be a tossup as to which would take his life first—the decompression

of his suit or the blaster beam frying his guts. It was obvious these

men didn’t intend to rescue him by picking him up. They

rode in silence until he noticed the attenuator reading on his receiver

blink to a seven. The crater and building complex appeared ahead.

“This is Dirk. We have a member of your crew. We’ll deliver him

safely if you give us the storage tank with the blind fish,” Dirk

said into his suit mike.

“No deal,” the answer came over Cramer’s receiver as well. He

recognized Sanchez’s voice.

“Then we’ll kill him,” Dirk replied, no hesitation, no uncertainty,

no bluffing in his voice.

Cramer sank to deep despair, picturing the proverbial plug

nickel of higher worth than his life. He confirmed that

feeling as he spotted on top of the main building a large canon

swiveled in their direction, its spherical energy storage chamber

behind the ribbed barrel glowing bright red.

Simultaneously, the rover driver jumped out his door

and Dirk reached across in front of Cramer for the

passenger side handle, but Cramer beat him to it. He opened

the door and leaped for the snowy surface just as

the canon emitted a scarlet beam in their direction.

The blast exploded the pirate’s rover into a thousand

pieces, the debris striking Cramer and sending him

tumbling in space away from the blast. During his

somersaulting, he spotted Dirk flying above him,

frozen entrails trailing his lifeless body. Cramer couldn’t

see the other man among the tiny pieces of metal and

plastic from the exploded rover.

He felt his own suit losing pressure. The self-sealing

mechanism kicked in and barely managed to handle

the small leak. He lost consciousness as his oxygen

pack provided him its last gasp of air. At the point

of blackout, he saw Europa’s icy surface coming

up to meet him. His whole life seemed to flash

before him like the time on Earth when he fell into

the old fishing hole and almost drown forty years ago.

The last image burnt into his mind before oblivion

struck was Cindy’s face in the Martian hospital.

Meeting the Challenge

Meeting the Challenge is a novel I have had and revised several times down through the years.  I self-published it when a publisher required extensive changes for acceptance.

The story involves star ship captain, and widower, Jim Hansen, who seeks a cure for his ill daughter, Patty.  That leads him to three planets to find a cure.  He must battle aliens and overcome deceptions that put him and Patty in danger.  He falls in love with Leah, a Mizarian woman, but her people forbid the marriage of an earthman and Mizarian woman.  Leah falls sick and Hansen takes her to a planet located at the end of the universe for a cure.  Will he ever overcome the ban against him and Leah from being married?